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The American Microphone Company (AMC), commonly abbreviated American Microphone (AM) or just American, was a US-based manufacturer of microphones, founded in the 1930s by Fern A. Yarbrough in Los Angeles (USA) [1]. The microphones were mainly used for broadcasting and studio recording of live sound. The company later moved to Pasadana (California, USA) [2].

Apart from professional handheld and studio microphones, the company also made miniature microphones for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.) In 1955, the Elgin Watch Company bought AM with the intention to develop miniature micro­phone components, but the plan was eventually abandonned. Around 1960, Elgin sold it to General Cement Company of Rockford (GC Electronics). The latter sold it later to Electro-Voice who retired the brand in the mid-1960s.

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American Microphone Company DD-4, used by the CIA
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