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The National Museum of Computing - this page is a stub

The National Museum of Computing, commonly abbreviated to TNMOC, is a British museum about the history of the modern computer, based at Bletchley Park (BP) in Milton Keynes (UK). Although TNMOC is located on the same estate as the Bletchley Park Museum, it has a separate entrance. The museum in no way related to the Bletchley Park Trust and is fully autonomous.

Colossus in September 2013

Apart from a large and diverse collection of small and large computers – most of which are in working condition – it is also the home of wartime systems like Colossus, Heath Robinson and the Turing-Welchman Bombe. If you are planning to visit Bletchley Park, make sure that you reserve enough time for TNMOC. If you want to see machines in action, TNMOC is a must.

TNMOC items on this website
Breaking Enigma with the Polish BOMBA, the British BOMBE and the US BOMBE.
Heath Robinson, a machine that was used to break the Lorenz cipher machine
The first programmable electronic computer that was used during WWII to break the German Lorenz Cipher
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