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Atomic KGB Bunker
Atominis bunkeris

Atomic KGB Bunker is a museum about WWI, WWII and Cold War artifacts, in Kaunas (Lithuania). The museum was established in 2014 and is housed in a former nuclear bunker that was once used by the suppressive Soviet intelligence service KGB, six metres below street level. It has a large collection of covert (spy) equipment, cipher machines, communication equipment, covert cameras and public safety equipment, all on public display and most of it in working condition.

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KGB Spy Museum
On 17 January 2019 an affiliated museum with similar content was opened in New York (USA) under the name KGB Spy Museum. Although it received good reviews over the course of the following weeks and months, the museum was forced to close its doors in October 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The museum exhibits have since been auctioned. This has not affected the Atomic KGB Bunker in Kaunas (Lithuania), which is still open to the public.

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