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  • Bletchley Park
    This is the place where the British intelligence service broke many codes during and after WWII, including the famous Enigma codes. Bletchley Park (BP for short) is now a museum and it open to the public every day. A good map of BP can be found here.

  • TNMOC — The National Museum of Computing
    TNMOC is a British museum about the history of the modern computer, based at Bletchley Park (BP) in Milton Keynes (UK). Apart from a large and diverse collection of small and large computers – most of which are in working condition – it is also the home of wartime systems like Colossus, Heath Robinson and the Turing-Welchman Bombe.

  • Museum Jan Corver
    This is the Dutch Ham Radio Museum that is located in the south of The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven. It's a small but very interesting museum, showing the history of radio amateurism from WWII to the present. Crypto Museum co-operates with this museum.

  • Foundation for German Communication and Related Technologies
    Dutch: Stichting Centrum voor Duitse Verbindingen en aanverwante Technologieën.
    A wealth of background information about historical German communication equipment, predominantly pre-1960. The museum now also has a permanent exhibition that is open by appointment only. Crypto Museum co-operates with this museum.
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  • Historische Collectie Regiment Verbindingstroepen
    The Historical Collection of the Dutch Signals Corps (formely known as the Dutch Signals Corps Museum) is one of the key places in the Netherlands to see the history of the Army's Signals Department. They have many historical military communications and cipher devices on display.

  • Enigma Education Centre in Poznan (Poland) - to be opened in 2019
    Plans are underway of establishing an Enigma Education Centre in the city of Poznan (Poland), dedicated to the Enigma cipher machine, and to the work of the three Polish mathematicians who first broke its code in 1932.

  • KGB Museum in Kaunas (Lithuania)
    The KGB Museum is a wonderful museum about WWI, WWII and Cold War artifacts, located in Kaunas (Lithuania). The museum was opened in 2014 and is located in a former nuclear bunker that was once used by the much-feared Soviet Intelligence Service KGB, six metres below street level.

  • Stichting Onterfd Goed
    Stichting Onterfd Goed (SOG) is the only non-profit organization in The Netherlands that is specialised in dissolving (museum) collections in the least painful manner. SOG was established after Museum Scryption in Tilburg (Netherlands) was closed down in 2011.
Virtual Museums
  • DF3OE's Teleprinter Museum
    This virtual museum by Henning Treumann, DF3OE, is all about teleprinters (telex) and associated equipment. Henning has a large collection of teleprinters and has detailed knownledge about the backgrounds of each machine. He is also one of the promotors of the TelexPhone network. Many of his machines have been featured in block-buster movies such as Valkyrie.

  • Jerry Proc's Crypto Pages
    Although Jerry is not a crypto collector, he has gathered an enormous amount of information about cipher machines, mainly from contributions by museums, collectors and others. The site contains many photographs, background information and stories from former users of the equipment.

  • Hellschreiber Website
    All you ever want to know about the Hellschreiber. History, technology, operation, modes and models. An enormous collection of information about the famous Hellschreiver in all its varieties. Maintained by Frank Dörenberg.

  • Scannermuseum
    Interesting and very entertaining site (in Dutch) about the use of scanners during the 1970s and 1980s for listening to police radio traffic. Including sound clips and an interesting tour around the radio monitoring department of the Amsterdam Police.
  • Dirk Rijmenants, Dirk's Weblog
    Great weblog about cipher machines, cryptology, intelligence and security, maintained by Dirk Rijmenants. Also visit Dirk's website, with many nice cipher machine simulators and lots of detailed background information.

  • Christos military and intelligence corner
    Very nice blog with lots of details about military intelligence, cipher systems and codebreaking, mainly dealing with WWII. Contains also WWII TICOM reports.

  • Top Level Telecommunications
    Great blog by Peter Koop about secure and insecure telephone systems and their use. Showing US President Obama using an STE-phone and much, much more.

  • The Encoded Communications of World War II
    A brief introduction about encryption during WWII, and the Enigma machine in particular, and how it has affected todays complex world of computer science and electronic communication. With a number of interesting links to other sites.

  • Frode Weierud, CryptoCellar Tales
    Excellent blog about Enigma and cryptography in general, maintained by crypto-expert Frode Weierud in Oslo (Norway). Frode is a retired electronics engineer who previously worked for CERN in Switzerland. Over the years, Frode has (co)written a wide range of articles on crypto-related issues in various magazines, including Cryptologia.

  • Klaus Schmeh, Klausis Krypto Kolumne
    Get up to speed with the latest news and gossip in the crypto scene, with special attention to the mysterious world of hidden messages (German).
  • SAS und Chiffrierdienst (SCD)
    Very informative website, maintained by Jörg Dröbick, with detailed information about cipher machines used in the former DDR (East Germany) during the Cold War. Also detailed backgrounds on breaking western cipher systems.

  • Frode Weierud's CryptoCellar
    Informative website about cryptology and its history. Lots of backgrounds on Enigma, its people and much more. Detailed documentation about the NSA, Alan Turing, and many others. Computer simulations of Enigma, Hagelin machines, Purple, Geheimschreiber, etc.
Social Media
  • Crypto Machine Collectors
    For collectors of historical cipher machines, there is an interesting discussion group on Yahoo. It is a closed group, which means that you will have to subscribe. Many international collectors take part in the forum and give advice whenever possible.

  • Enigma World Code Group (EWCG)
    Would you like to exchange coded Enigma messages with your friends? If so, Bruce Culp in the US might have the answer for you. He has set up a website that allows you to communicate world-wide with other enthusiasts in coded Enigma language.
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