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Developing the UhrBox-E
The UhrBox-E has now been on the market for a few years and has received positive feedback from its users. It was developed in 2008 to celebrate the 5th aniversary of the Enigma-E kit. Below is a brief impression of the various development stages of the product. Please note that the wooden case and the batteries are not included in the kit.

It all started in August 2007, when Enigma collector Günter Hütter from Austria payed us a visit and opted the idea for an add-on to the Enigma-E. In order to motivate us, he brought with him a perfectly looking scaled-down copy of the original wooden box of a real Enigma Uhr.

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The first working prototype

As you can see, Günter has a great eye for detail, and the oak wood box is complete with hinges, clamps and carrying strip.

The UhrBox-E was first built on a piece of bread board (experimental PCB) and you can clearly see the 20 wires connecting to the Steckerbrett of the Enigma-E.

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Writing the software

Here you see Marc at work when writing the UhrBox-E software. The UhrBox-E prototype is on the table to the left of the Enigma-E.

As the Uhr does away with the self-reciprocity of the Enigma Steckerbrett, he also had to change the firmware of the Enigma-E itself. As a result, a new controller for the Enigma-E will be included in the kit.

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The real thing

This image shows a real Enigma machine and a real Enigma Uhr that we were allowed to use during the design stages of the UhrBox-E. The Uhr is connected to the Steckerbrett of the Enigma, by means of 20 textile-encapsulated wires. The large wooden kob on the Uhr was used to select one of the 40 possible settings.

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The almost real thing

This image shows the fully assembled UhrBox-E in Günter's extremely good looking wooden box. Compare this image with the one above, and observe the great sense of detail. This is as close as you can get. The box has been painted in the brown/grey colour and every tiny detail is a genuine copy of the original, albeit scaled to fit the UhrBox-E dimensions.

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The actual kit

This image shows what you will actually get once you've assembled the kit. You can clearly see the display (here at position 18) at the top of the board. At the left is the rather large Microchip processor and at the center is a so-called rotary encoder that allows all 40 settings of the Uhr to be selected. At the lower edge of the PCB are the solder pads for the 20 cables to the Enigma-E.

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