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Plexiglass case by Silvio Coccaro
11 Aug 2009

Silvio surprised us with this extremely good-looking case for his Enigma-E. It's a beautifully crafted plexiglass case, and it is clear that Silvio has a good eye for detail. More information on Silvio's website (links a the bottom of this page).

The base of the case is made of rather thick black Perspex and acts as a carrier for the rest. Four rubber feet at the bottom give it stability on a table top. The sides, the rear and the top lid are all made of transparent Perspex (also known as Plexiglass).

The Steckerbrett is mounted at an angle of approx. 45 degrees and the top lid is bent at the front, so that it covers the Steckerbrett when closed.

A small lid at the left side of the case, gives access to a clever small battery compartment that holds a standard 9V battery (image #5).
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The really interesting part is the rear of the case. It hold a 9-pin sub-D connector (DE9) for connection to a PC, the power socket, the power switch and, at the centre, a small drawer that can be used to store the patch cables (image #6).

Update 25 Jan 2010
Initially, Silvio's website was only available in Italian, but today he announced the availability of the site in English as well. Silvio has also produced a PDF document with many hi-res photographs of his Enigma-E. Check out the links at the bottom of this page.

Clever battery compartment at the left side
A nice little drawer at the rear for storage of the patch cables

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