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User's comments
Since the Enigma-E was introduced in November 2003, we've received numerous encouraging e-mails from our users. Here is what some users have written us:

  • Laurence Rudolf, UK
    ...It worked first time as I had hoped it would. It does everything a genuine Enigma machine would. It is a fantastic thing and I am very happy with it. If you want to treat yourself to a good X-Mas present then what could be better... More...

  • Marco Spoel, Netherlands
    Best birthday present in years.

  • Bart Wessel, Netherlands
    ...I enjoyed building it very much. All in all it took about seven hours to finish, meaning I had a couple of fun nights at the kitchen table! ...Mine has been running happily from the first time I switched it on! More...

  • Brian Murphy, USA
    Despite having not picked up a soldering iron in over 10 years, it was very easy to put together. I managed to complete the whole thing in about 10-12 hours. I've always wanted my own Enigma machine, but since the real thing would cost in excess of $10,000, this is definitely the next best thing. The Enigma-E is without a doubt, the coolest toy I've gotten my hands on in years.

  • Grant Searle, UK
    Wonderful kit. All parts present (plus an additional yellow led!). I built it in a day - I put the sockets and clipped in the switches in the afternoon while watching television, then spent about 3 hours soldering in the evening. I left the ICs until last as I perfer to add any static-sensitive devices at the end. Attached a battery and it worked perfectly first-time. Highly recommended!

  • Roger Wortley, UK
    ...My Enigma-E worked first time. Thanks for a really great kit. Superbly put together and documented. There is nothing to improve. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Tim White, UK
    ...your kit presentation is really excellent and the manual is a lesson in how to do manuals. As a photographer with a mountain of Japanese manuals, I think you could teach our Nipponese friends a great deal...
Press reviews
Since its introduction in November 2003, the Enigma-E has received a wide press coverage. Several magazines around the globe have been triggered about the story of the Enigma and wrote articles about the Enigma-E. Here are some examples:

  • USA, Discover Magazine, May 2004, page 76
    Enigma machines are today very expensive and exceptionally rare. One of the few places where they are on display is Bletchley Park (...) The result is the Enigma-E, a digital, electronic version of the device that can be purchased and assembled at home with the aid of a soldering iron. More...

     Discover website

  • UK, RadCom, June 2004, page 32
    It's a great feeling when a new project works perfectly first time - as mine did (...) As a collector of code and cypher systems from 1936 up to the 1970s, this kit was a must have for me and comes highly recommended. Strangely, perhaps, it does not look out of place beside an original Enigma. More...

     RadCom website

  • UK, Elektor Electronics, July/August 2004, page 9
    Enigma-E is yet another demonstration of Paul and Marc's ingenuity when it comes to translating concepts (this time eletro-mechanical encryption) into real electronics. This time, quite unexpectedly, the interest was even greater in the UK than in their home country. More...

     Elektor Electronics website

  • Netherlands, Elektuur, September 2004, page 10
    Meer dan zestig naar na dato staat de Enigma, de beroemde codeermachine uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog opnieuw in de belangstelling. Nota bene twee Nederlanders blazen dit Duitse concept, dat door de Engelsen werd ontcijferd nieuw leven in.

     Elektor website (Dutch)
  • wolfyalex on YouTube
    A series of animated photographs, showing the various stages of building the Enigma-E kit, from the bare PCB to a working unit.

  • youtuuba on YouTube
    Video demonstration of a working Enigma-E machine by one of the first Enigma-E users. The film starts with a series of photos of the wooden enclosure.

  • Mike Ledermueller E-1523 operation
    Short video clip by Mike Ledermueller, showing his M4 look-alike Enigma E in operation.

  • Building an Enigma-E
    Time-lapse recording of assembling an Enigma-E board, by Mike Ledermueller.
Ordering information
The Enigma-E kit is intended as a fund-raiser for a few selected meseums. It is therefore not available directly from this website, but can only be ordered through these museums. More information on the ordering page

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