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Electronic self-build kits
Build your own Enigma

As a sponsoring activity, Crypto Museum has developed a few electronic self-build kits that allow you to experience some of the Enigma's fantastic and mysterious history for yourself.

These kits are only available from a couple of selected museums, and are intended as fund-raisers, in order to secure their future. A brief description of each kit is available below.

The kits can not be ordered directly from us, but only from the museum shops listed here. In addition we do offer them for sale directly at various (international) ham radio events, lectures and other activities.

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*) Wooden case not included with the kit
Example of a self-built wooden Enigma-E case (not included with the kit)
Available kits
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Registering your kit
If you already have one or more of our kits, you might want to register them. Registration is not mandatory, but is useful for sending you information and newsletters. Furthermore, it might help in communication. Under no circumstances will we pass your personal details on to others. Once you have registered yourself and your kit(s), you may change your details at any time by going to the registration page and logging on.

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The Enigma-E is a small electronic replica of a real war-time Enigma machine, that you can build yourself. It is fully compatible with the 3-wheel Enigma I and the 4-wheel Enigma M4 that were used by the German Army during WWII.

The Enigma-E comes as a self-build kit that contains a professional printed circuit board (PCB), all components, a circuit diagram and a 60+ page manual with instructions, historical backgrounds and even some real messages.

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The UhrBox-E is an electronic replica of the Enigma Uhr, a small Enigma add-on that was introduced by the German Lufwaffe in 1944, in an attempt to make the Enigma more secure.

The UhrBox-E comes as a self-build kit that contains a professional PCB, all components, a circuit diagram and a full-colour manual with instruction and full historical backgrounds.

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Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for any mistakes in the descriptions of these products, or their usefulness for any purpose whatsoever. Currently, none of these products are sold directly from this site. For sales addresses, please check the ordering page.

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