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Ham Radio 2013
The largest HAM Radio event of the year in Europe is the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen (Germany) near the Bodensee (Lake Constance). This year, the HAM Radio 2013 was held from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June and as usual Crypto Museum was present on the ever growing ENIGMA stand.

The ENIGMA stand is an initiative of Enigma-expert Tom Perera (USA) and is shared by a number of crypto-experts, historians and collectors, including Crypto Museum. Although the HAM Radio is not a typical crypto event, it has become the place in Europe over the years to meet other people that are infected with the crypto virus and find rare crypto-related stuff.

As usual, our tables attracted a lot of attention. Tom Perera was showing a genuine Enigma machine and Enigma expert Klaus Kopacz was showing his latest Enigma replica achievements.
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UK collector John Alexander allowed us a sneak preview of his latest acquisition: a very rare Italian OMI cipher machine, whilst author Klaus Schmeh was signing his latest book. Crypto Museum was selling Enigma-E and Uhr kits and surplus equipment in order to get some cash for the collection.

Also present at our stand was the TelexPhone group of Henning Treumann's Telex Museum who were showing the latest TelexPhone kits. It allows anyone in the world to bring old teleprinters back to life and send messages to one another via analogue telephone lines and with the latest additions even via the internet. Anyone who is interested can obtain a TelexPhone kit now.

The image on the right shows two historical telex machines in action communicating with other teleprinters somewhere in Germany via a wireless internet link. I-Telex will be available soon.
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According to some unconfirmed estimations, some rare cipher machines with a total value of well over EUR 100,000 changed hands during the show. Crypto Museum was lucky again and secured a number of rare less well-known cipher machines and one very rare spy radio set, all of which will eventually appear on the Crypto Museum web pages over the course of the next few months.

During the three-day event we met people from all over the world. We would like to thank the many friends and visitors who took the time to visit our stand and talk about our mutual hobby. If you weren't there, be sure to make the necessary reservations in your diary for next year.

Our tables at the HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen
The rare Italian OMI cipher machine aside a real Enigma
Interior of the rare OMI cipher machine
Tom and Gretchen Perera from the USA
The TelePhone and I-Telex projects attracted a lot of attention
Enigma-E kits and surplus material at the Crypto Museum tables
Klaus Kopacz talking tirelessly about his amazing Enigma Replica
Klaus Schmeh signing his latest book 'Nicht zu Knacken' (Unbreakable)

  1. Klaus Schmeh, Nicht zu knacken
    Hanser Verlag 2012 (German). ISBN 978-3-446-42923-9.
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