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Pro Sieben - Galileo
On 21 June 2013, a television crew of the German commercial broadcaster Pro Sieben, visited Crypto Museum in order to shoot some footage of an historical Enigma machine and decrypt a message that was issued by AES inventor Joan Daemen for the science program Galileo.

In the popular science TV program Galileo, the presenter had to solve a series of riddles to find the secrets behind today's AES encryption software. Over the course of several weeks, a search was conducted through Germany and some of its neighbouring countries, with the intention to find AES inventor Joan Daemen.

After writing an e-mail to Joan Daemen, Galileo presenter Matthias Fiedler received an envelope with three riddles. In order to visit the inventor, he had to solve the riddles first. German writer Klaus Schmeh helps him to solve the first two.
An historical Enigma I machine as used by the German Wehrmacht during WWII

The third riddle however, appears to be encryped with on an Enigma machine, as a note that came with the package reveals a Grundstellung (start position). Unfortuntely, Klaus does not have access to a real Enigma machine, so he is unable to decode Matthias' third riddle.

Luckily, Klaus is a good friend of the Crypto Museum, where they have a access to a real wartime Enigma machine, so he asked for help.

On 21 June, just before the summer holidays, the Galileo team visited us. As we have regular jobs as well, we had taken the Friday afternoon off, so that we could assist the crew with the shooting. As the Enigma is normally stored in a safe, we had arranged for the machine to be available for the day. Around 12:00 they arrived and it wasn't before long that our meeting room was completely converted to a real TV studio.
The Galileo team around the Enigma machine

Recording started at 14:00 and around 17:00 we were ready. Once the TV crew had left, we decided to leave our meeting room in this state for the next few days, as at really looked like a wartime communications centre. The 15 minute program, named Geheimcodes, was first aired on Tuesday 16 July 2013 and gives a good insight in past and present secret codes and their history. The image above shows the Galileo crew in front of the Enigma machine. At the left is presenter Mattias Fiedler. We should like to thank the Pro Sieben production team for a great day.

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