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Enigma lecture
Vereniging Officieren Verbindingsdienst

On 8 November 2012, Crypto Museum was asked to hold a talk on Enigma and wartime crypto, for the (former) Signals Corps Officers prior to their annual dinner. The presentation was met with great enthusiasm and most of the attendees felt that the available time was too short... [1]

For the event, we brought a fully operational wartime German Army Enigma-I machine, which was demonstrated to the audience. As most (former) officers were already in service during the Cold War, we also brought the Russian and American counterparts of the Enigma: The Russian Fialka and the American KL-7, both contemporary wheel-based cipher machines.

The KL-7 was used in the Dutch Army (as part of NATO) in the years following WWII (1950-1980) and was known locally as ADONIS. For many people it was like meeting an old friend again.
KL-7, Fialka and Enigma, side-by-side

The Russian Fialka machine was 'new' to most people in the audience, as it was used behind the Iron Curtain and its existence was not revealed until 2005. Like the KL-7 its design is clearly based on the German Enigma, albeit with many improvements in design, security and operation.

KL-7, Fialka and Enigma, side-by-side
Former Lieutenant Colonel Gerrit Jan Huijsman holding an introduction talk
Introducing Crypto Museum...
Marc Simons (Crypto Museum, left) demonstrating a morse key
Discussing the post-war KL-7
Discussing ZODIAC, the Dutch communication system of the 1980s
And finally wine for Marc
and also wine for Paul, of course

  1. Vereniging voor Officieren Verbindingsdienst Koninklijke Landmacht
    Photos, Bd event Crypto, 8 November 2012.
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