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Introduction of Enigma-E at Bletchley Park
Opening of the exhibition Wizards, Widgets and Weird Inventions
6 November 2003

On Thursday 6 November 2003, a new exhibition was opened at the Bletchley Park museum. Hut 12, previously used to showcase the True Story about the Stolen Enigma, had been converted to feature a nice collection of past and present weird inventions.

Needless to say that the Enigma-E is considered a present time weird invention and, because of that, we were invited at the kick-off of this new exhibition. The event was opened by BP director Christine Large, followed by an interesting lecture by Trevor Baylis, the inventor of the clockwork radio. Later that day the Enigma-E was introduced and we conducted several demonstrations for the public and interviews for the press.

Below are some photographs taken by Dave Whitchurch, one of the guides at Bletchley Park, to give you any impression of the day. Click any of the images to enlarge.

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The lake at Bletchley Park

Despite the late time in the year, the weather was terrific. Just about right to have a quick walk along the lake at Bletchley Park.

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The first prototypes

Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers handing over the first two prototypes of the Enigma-E (in a wooden box) to Christine Large, managing director of Bletchley Park.

This Enigma-E unit is now part of the permanent exihibition in HUT 12 (called Wizards, Widgets and Weird Inventions).

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Trevor Baylis

One of the distinguished guests this day was Trevor Baylis, the inventor of the windup radio. He was one of the presenters early in the morning and he was interviewed for TV later that day.

 More about Trevor Baylis

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Wizards, Widgets and Weird Inventions

Here you see Christina Cordes in front of Hut 12 which housed the new exhibition. At the time, Christina was the the Events Manager of Bletchley Park.

For the duration of the exhibition, the Enigma-E prototype would be on public display. Hut 12 was situated next to the war-time entrance of the park (closed as of 2008).

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Back to school

Several local schools visited BP on this day and the children patiently attended the lectures and demonstrations. Here are two school classes in front of the mansion looking at the BP Mud Clock being demonstrated.

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Hi mum, we're on TV

Believe it or not, but there was a true television crew present that day and they took shots of the Enigma-E as well. Later that day we even gave an interview standing in front of Colossus. Has anybody seen this already?

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