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This page provides background information on past and upcoming events that are related to Crypto Museum activities or to objects described on this website. Click any of the items below for further information, or return to the homepage. You may also book us for a lecture.

Upcoming events
  • 25-27 Jun 2024 - HistoCrypt 2024 (we will not be present)
  • 28-30 Jun 2024 - HAM Radio 2024
  • 29 Aug 2024 - CyberSquad Event
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  • 17 April 2007 - Fialka lecture at Bletchley Park (UK).
Past events in 2005
  • 8 September 2005 - Enigma lecture in Amsterdam
Past events in 2004
  • 1 September 2004 - Enigma lecture in Oss
  • 11 June 2004 - Enigma lecture in Hasselt (Belgium)
Past events in 2003

Enigma conference Poznań 2017
At a special mini-conference held in Poznan (Poland) on Monday 20 November 2017, it was announced that the plans for creating an Enigma Education Centre, commemorating the work of Polish codebreakers over the years, had been approved. The centre will open in 2019.

At the conference, Crypto Museum was present to share its experiences with its collection, its website, its exhibitions and other activities.

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Secret Communications 2
Following the success of the exhibition Secret Communications, now three years ago, Crypto Museum has teamed up once again with the Foundation for German Communication (CDV&T), for the exhibition Secret Communications 2, in which we will be showing an exciting selection of cipher machines and spy radio sets, some of which have not been exhibited before.

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HAM Radio 2016
This year was the 10th time that we were present at the HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen (Germany). It was also the 4th Enigma Formum on which we spoke about the British Typex machine, which is a close relative of the Enigma.

We had a few extremely busy days at our tables, but nevertheless we found some interesting new collector's items. Read the full story.

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HAM Radio 2015
From 26 to 29 June 2015, the annual HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen was held. Although this is actually a typical Radio Amateur event, in recent years it has also become a crypto meeting place for collectors from all over the world.

We found a number of desirable collectables and on Friday Marc and Paul held a talk about the Enigma Family Tree at the 3rd Annual Crypto Conference. Read the full story.

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The Americans
On 20 and 21 August 2014, the DVD box of the popular TV series The Americans was released in The Netherlands and Belgium. For the press events on both days, Crypto Museum supplied a range of gadgets that are featured in the show.

In the series we follow the lives of Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, a seemingly normal American couple who are actually highly trained KGB spies with fake identities; the so-called 'illegals'.

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Ham Radio 2014
This year's HAM Radio 2014 in Friedrichshafen (Germany) was a great success. The event was held from 27 to 29 June 2014 and attracted Radio Hams and cipher collectors from all over the world. As usual, Crypto Museum was present at the Enigma stand, which was even larger than the previous year. As usual, many historians, collectors and cipher enthusiasts met here and many rare items changed hands.

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Secret Communications
In November and December 2013, Crypto Museum organized a special exhibition that focussed on Secret Communication. Many items were on public display for the first time. For this event, Crypto Museum had teamed up with the Foundation for German Technology in Diemen (Amsterdam, Netherlands). The event was open to the general public on three Saturdays in November and one Sunday in December 2013.

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Fort aan den Ham
On Sunday 25 August 2013, historian Henk van Stigt will conduct an Enigma lecture at Fort aan den Ham in Uitgeest (near Amsterdam, Netherlands) during an Open Day. Crypto Museum will be present with a real functional Enigma Machine and some accessories.

At the same time, professional safe-cracker Barry Wels will try to open an 'unbreakable' safe that was found inside the fort.

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Galileo - Geheimcodes
On 21 June 2013, a TV crew of the popular German science program Galileo, visited Crypto Museum in order to shoot footage for their documentary Geheimcodes (secret codes).

In the program, presenter Matthias Fiedler has to solve three encrypted riddles in order to find AES inventor Joan Daemen. We helped him to solve the third riddle.

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Ham Radio 2013
Every year Crypto Museum makes its appearance at the ENIGMA stand at the HAM Radio show in Friedrichshafen (Germany). Although officially not a crypto event, it has become the 'place to be' for crypto collectors and historians from all over the world.

As usual, our stand was shared by a number of historians and collectors and this year our stand was bigger than ever...

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Exhibition at Eindhoven City Library
At the event of the Week of the Book, the City Library of Eindhoven (Netherlands) has invited research journalist Marcel Metze to talk about the role that Philips managers played in WWII.

To highlight this event, Crypto Museum has set up a mini-exhibition at the library's first floor, showing a number of secret devices that Philips has manufactured over the years. The exhibition will remain at the library until 2 April 2013.

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Exhibition at Radboud University
At the event of the 55th anniversary of the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University in Nijmegen (Netherlands), an open day was held on Saturday 24 November 2012.

At this event, Crypto Museum was present with a nice collection of historical cipher equipment, ranging from WW-II to the present day.

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Signals Corps Officers
On 8 November 2012, Crypto Museum was asked to hold a talk on Enigma and wartime crypto, for the (former) Signals Corps Officers prior to their annual dinner. The presentation was met with great enthusiasm and most of the attendees felt the available time was too short...

Besides a working wartime Enigma-I machine, we also brought two contemporary machines: the Russian Fialka and the American KL-7.

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Rediscovery of Enigma H-221
On 1 August 2012, Crypto Museum was invited at the Museum for Military History in Budapest (Hungary) where we rediscovered an extremely rare Enigma-variant: a printing Enigma Model H29 with serial number H-221.

The machine had been on public display in the past, but has since been locked away in the Hungarian archives. Until now that is...

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Ham Radio 2012
Like in previous years, Crypto Museum has attended the Ham Radio 2012 in Friedrichshafen (Germany). It was held from 22 to 24 June.

Us usual, we shared our tables with Prof. Tom Perera and many other crypto-enthusiasts, making our stand the ENIGMA meeting point.

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Funkhistorisches Treffen 2012
Since 1994, a small German group of people, interested in the history of radio and related subjects, organizes an annual meeting packed with demonstrations, lectures and excursions.

This year, the historical city of Dresden was selected as main location and Crypto Museum was invited to give an Enigma-talk.

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Masterclass Turing
Because of the importance of his work, 2012 has been internationally proclaimed The Alan Turing Year. Many activities will be organized world-wide to celebrate the 100th birthday of this codebreaker and mathematical genious.

In the Netherlands, the Radboud University of Nijmegen has organized a masterclass for pre-university students, called Machines Maken en Breken (making and breaking machines). Crypto Museum was present to give a talk on Enigma and demonstrate a real war-time machine.

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NVHR Weekend 2012
From Friday 23 to Sunday 25 March 2012, Crypto Museum was the guest of the NVHR, the Dutch Society for the History of Radio, at the event of their 35th anniversary.

Crypto Museum had been asked to give a series of Enigma lectures, which we did. More importantly, we brought a range of different Enigma models and accessories...

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GOVCERT Symposium 2011
On 15 and 16 November 2011, Crypto Museum hosted a large exhibition of historical cipher machines at the 10th annual GOVCERT.NL symposium at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Over 50 divices and documents were displayed in a series of large showcases, spread around the circumfere of the main hall.

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Enigma, deciphered victory
A great exhibition about the groundbreaking work of the Poles, when breaking the Enigma codes during WWII. Although most people will be familiar with the British (and later American) codebreaking efforts during the war, the important role of the Poles is often forgotten.

Between 3 July and 14 September 2011, the Polish codebreakers were the highlights of the exhibition Enigma, deciphered victory in the General Maczek Museum in Breda (Netherlands).

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Tijdrekken (Buying Time)
Between 15 October 2010 and 19 January 2011 we helped Scryption in Tilburg (Netherlands) organising an exhibition on how cryptography is used to 'buy' time. The exhibition was a close co-operation between Scryption, Crypto Museum and the AIVD.

Many historical cipher machines were on public display, such as Enigma, Fialka and Hagelin, but also some rare machines such as the American KL-7 and a full range of Hagelin machines.

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Between 8 and 12 February 2010, the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), organised a special week on Digital Security, called SuperTU/esday. Apart from lectures and workshops, there was a unique exhibition of historical cipher machines from the collections of Scryption and Crypto Museum.

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Enigma Reunion 2009
On 5 and 6 September 2009, the annual Enigma Reunion was held at Bletchley Park in the UK. This year was special, as it was the 70th anniversary of the arrival of top codebreakers Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman at Bletchley Park on 4 September 1939.

To commemorate the anniversary, the largest-ever exhibition of Enigma and other cipher machines was held during the reunion weekend.

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Mythos Enigma
On 8 November 2008 we were invited at the presentation of Dominik Landwehr's new book Mythos Enigma. The book also acted as Dominik's dissertation in 2007 at the Faculty of Philosophy and History of the Basel University.

At the event, we demonstrated the famous Russian Fialka and the rare Zählwerk Enigma.

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Exhibition Secret Messages
Between 1 October 2008 and 29 February 2009, Crypto Museum helped organising a large exhibition at the Dutch Ham Radio Museum Jan Corver in The Netherlands.

Numerous objects from the collection of the Jan Corver Museum, the Crypto Museum and many others, were brought together for this unique five-month event.

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Introduction of the Enigma-E
On 5 November 2003 the Enigma-E self build kit was first introduced at Bletchley Park. The introduction coincided with the opening a new exhibition called 'Wizards, Widgets and Weird Inventions'.

It marks the start of a successful co-operation between BP and the Crypto Museum, and the Enigma-E has become a most-wanted gadget ever since.

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