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Audiotel Scanlock
Scanlock is a range of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) equipment, developed by Audiotel International Ltd. in Corby (UK). Scanlock equipment has been on the market since the late 1970s. At the time, Audiotel was among the first companies to build bug-finding receivers for the professional market. Over the years, Audiotel has continued to develop new products that are sold in over 100 countries to goverments, law enforcement agencies and TSCM professionals.

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The old Audiotel logo (left) and the current one (right) that was introduced in 2013

Some well-known early Audiotel products are described in this section of the website, such as the original Scanlock Mark VB that was also described in Keith Melton's book Ultimate Spy [1]. Later products, such as the Scanlock 2000, the Scanlock ECM and Audiotel's first Non-Linear Junction Detector, the Broom are also featured here. Cick any of the thumbnails below to read more.

Audiotel equipment on this website
Audiotel Scanlock Mark 3
Audiotel Scanlock Mark VB
Audiotel Scanlock 2000
Audiotel ECM
Audiotel Broom
Delta-V hand-held differential RF detector
Delta-V ECM
Cable checker for mains cables and (analogue) telephone lines
Related equipment
COMPUSCAN add-on for the Scanlock Mark VB
Spectrum Monitor SM-2
Scanlock MK3
This is one of the original Scanlock receivers that were market by Technical Security Ltd. in London, before Audiotel was established.

The Scanlock Mark 3 was the successor of the original Scanlock (Mark 1) and the Mark 2. It was built in 1976.

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Scanlock MK3

Scanlock Mark VB
The Scanlock Mark VB is one of the first bug finders developed by Audiotel, shortly after the company was established in the early 1970s. It's a fully analog receiver that can automatically search for hidden bugs within a room.

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Scanlock Mark VB in operation

COMPUSCAN was an add-on to the Scanlock Mark VB bug tracer (shown above). It allowed a target area to be compared to a safe zone several miles away. Any differences were then identified as possible suspected signals.

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Scanlock 2000
The Scanlock 2000 is basically an improved version of the popular Scanlock Mark VB. It is (partly) digitally controlled and has a digital readout. Furthermore it add the ability to detect Mains Carrier Bugs that are connected to the power line.

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Scanlock 2000 with antenna

Scanlock ECM
The Scanlock ECM is a further development of the Scanlock 2000. The device is now fully digitally controlled and contains separate receivers for radio frequencies (RF) and cable frequencies (CF).

Furthermore it adds the ability to check any arbitrary cable pair, such as a telephone line or the speaker cables of the stereo, for bugs.

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Scanlock ECM

Scanlock Broom
The Broom is a first generation Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD). It can find an electronic circuit hidden in, say, a wall, even when it is not turned on.

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Delta-V is a small hand-held differential RF detector that allows easy bug detection in a room, in a car or on a person, without in-depth knownledge and expertise. The device is powered by an internal 9V battery.

Although the first version of Delta-V dates back to 1989, it has been updated and enhanced several times since, and is still available from the manufacturer today (2013).

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The original Delta-V bug detector

The TCM-03 was a device for detecting bugs on the mains power cables and on the (analogue) telephone lines. It was introduced in 1989 and was succeeded by the TCM-03 Mark II in 1992. The TCM-03 was sold until 2013.

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TCM-03 Cable Checker (initial version)

Other Audiotel equipment
It is little known that, besides bug finders, Audiotel has also developed and manufactured a range of surveillance radios. These are small radio transceivers that can easily be hidden under the operator's clothing and that were used for covert operations and surveillance tasks. More...

  1. H. Keith Melton, Ultimate Spy
    ISBN: 0-7513-4791-4, 1996-2002
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