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Schlumberger intercept receivers

Minilock is the name of a series of professional intercept receivers, developed in the 1980s and 1990 by Schlumberger Technologies GmbH in München (Germany). Minilock receivers are extremely sensitive, feature-loaded and accurate. In fact, they are so accurate that they were often used by intercept agencies world-wide for fingerprinting of alien (clandestine) radio signals.

Minilock 6900, Programmable Precision Measurement Receiver Minilock 6910, Programmable Precision Measurement Receiver
About Schlumberger
At present, Schlumberger is one of the leading oilfield service providers in the world, working for a large number of oil and gas companies. At one time however, the company also produced a wide range of high-end high-performance electronic devices, such as Studio Tape Recorders, HF Signal Generators, Communication Test Sets (Stabilock) and Precision Measurement Receivers.

Schlumberger logo. Copyright Schlumberger Inc. [3]

The company was grounded in the late 1870s and was founded by two French brothers, Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger, who grew up in the Alsac region on the French-German border. They developed high-tech equipment for exploiting oil fields. Although the company was initially French, its corporate headquarters were moved to New York and later to Houston (2006).

Wavetek is a Trademark owned by Aeroflex. Copyright Aeroflex.

As part of the expansion of Schlumberger's measuring equipment devision, several electronics companies were aquired, such as Daystrom (1962), Johnson Testers and Fairschild (1979). Over time, a lot of high-end measurement and test equipment was developed, mainly by Schlumberger Meßgeräte GmbH (later: Schlumberger Technologies GmbH) in München (Munich, Germany).

Aeroflex logo. Copyright Aeroflex.

As the company wanted to focus on their core business, most of the electronics divisions were later sold-off again. The measurement and wireless division was sold to Wavetek, which later became Willtek and is now part of Aeroflex. The products are now sold under the Aeroflex brand.

Alternative names
  • Enertec
  • Solartron
  • Schlumberger
  • Wavetek
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