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CSD-18 was a transmitter and wiretap detector, developed around 1992 by Great Southern Security in Carrolton (GA, USA). The device was typically marketed as a low-cost device for anyone who was afraid of being bugged. It was avaiable for US$ 295 (1992) to US$ 495 (1999).

The device belongs to the category of Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures (TSCM) de­vices and was used during the 1990s for finding covert listening devices (bugs) in homes, cars and offices. It is housed in a 2-piece grey plastic enclosure and is powered by internal batteries.

At the front is the control panel which comprises several switches, adjustments, a telescopic an­ten­na and a meter. The antenna is used for the detection of Radio Frequency (RF) bugs. At the rear is a cable for the detection of wired bugs and recorders on an analogue telephone line.

According to the manufacturer, the device was suitable for the detection of bumper beepers, infinity devices, body transmitters, telephone and recording devices, and serial and parallel telephone line wiretapping devices. It was available in 1992 for a price of US$ 295 [1]. Three years later, in 1995, the price had meanwhile increased to US$ 495 [2].

The device shown here was used in the 1990s by members of the Contra Observation Team (COT), a group of highly skilled hobbyists in The Netherlands, who monitored the police fre­quencies, built covert listening devices (bugs), vehicle tracking devices, secure communication equipment, and practiced phone phreaking. For a while, they were under police surveillance, which us why they wanted to check their rooms and telephone lines frequently for bugs.

 More about the COT

CSD-18 bug detector
Front panel with telescopic antenna
Rear panel with telephone cable
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CSD-18 bug detector
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Front panel with telescopic antenna
3 / 3
Rear panel with telephone cable

Great Southern Security
Great Southern Security, not to be confused with several current companies with the same name, was an electronics firm that specialised in the development and production of low-cost TSCM equipment, such as the CSD-18 described above. Their last known address is:

  • Great Southern Security
    513 Bankhead Highway (SF)
    Georgia, 30117

    Phone: 1-800-732-500
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    Great Southern Security, 1992.
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