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Bendix Aviation Corporation

Bendix Corporation was an American engineering and manufacturing company, founded in 1924 by Vincent Bendix. The company was active in the field of automotive brake shoes, vacuum tubes (thermionic valves), aircraft brakes, aeronautical hydrolics, electric power systems, avionics, fuel control systems, radios, televisions and computers [1]. The company was taken over in 1983 by Allied Corporation – which in 1985 became AlliedSignal – and once again in 1999 by Honeywell.

The Bendix Aviation Corporation, and its subsidary Bendix Radio, 1 were responsible for the development of radio direction finder equipment (RDF), such as the mobile DBF-1 and later, after it had been renamed Bendix Communications, the airborne ADF-T12 radio direction finder [2].

  1. Founded in 1937 in Baltimore [2].

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