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Microdyne 1100-AR
Telemetry receiver - not in collection

Model 1100-AR is a modular telemetry receiver, developed between 1969 and 1972 by Microdyne Corporation in Rockville (Maryland, USA). The receiver was aimed at the emerging lunar mission and satellite business of the late 1960s and early 1970s, but eventually became the workhorse for many tracking stations for the next three decades. Although it has since been succeeded by new designs, it is still widely used today (2019), mainly because of its robustness and reliability.

The receiver is fully modular and consists of a 4U 19" rackmount enclosure that contains the basic circuitry, and has five bays for optional modules, which makes it highly customisable.

The two wide slots at the top are suitable for a CRT (spectrum) display or an RF field strength indicator, whilst the other slots are for the RF front-end (bottom right), the IF strip (centre) and a demodulator (bottom left). Depending on the application and the required frequency range, a selection of a range of modules and options could be installed in the 1100-AR mainframe.
Microdyne 1100-AR receiver (copyright unknown)

Although the 1100-AR was primarily intended to be used as part of a satellite (or aerospace) base station, it was sometimes used as a reference receiver, an intercept receiver and even as a surveillance receiver, by intelligence services like the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

This page is a stub — As we do not have a Microdyne 1100-AR receiver in our collection, this page currently serves as a placeholder for background information about this receiver. Although the 1100-AR was developed in the early 1970s, it is still actively serviced and maintained by Microdyne Telemetry to this day (2019) [1].
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