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Wideband Digital Voice Terminal

VINSON is a family of wideband secure voice devices (WBSV), developed in the mid-1970s by or behalf of the US Natio­nal Security Agency (NSA). The devices use 16 Kbit/s CVSD audio compres­sion 1 and the NSA Suite A Type 1 SAVILLE encryption algorithm. VINSON replaces the NESTOR de­vices from the Vietnam-era, such as the KY-8 and KY-38. VINSON devices provide tactical secure voice for VHF and UHF line-of-sight (LOS) and SATCOM radio equipment, and for tactical tele­phone systems. When unkeyed, VINSON devices are unclassified Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI). Whe keyed, they assume the classification level of the provided KEY material.

VINSON was in produc­tion until 1993, after which the devices were gradually replaced by ANDVT equipment like KY-99 and KY-100. Nevertheless, the NSA started a modernisation program in 2013, to provide drop-in replacements for KY-57 and KY-58, based on modern electronics [2]. The program was known as VINSON/ANDVT Cryptographic Modernization (VACM), and in 2014 the development contract was awarded to Raytheon [3]. This has resulted in the backward compatible KY-57M and KY-58M, which have been in production until at least 2021 [4].

  1. Fascinator uses CVSD at 12 Kbit/s. Some KY-57 units were modified for interoperability with Fascinator.

VINSON devices
TSEC/KYV-2(A) VINSON unit for PRC-68 radio
KY-57 (VINSON) Wide-band secure voice terminal
Airborne version of KY-57
KY-67 (BANCROFT) integrated PRC-77 radio and KY-57 voice encryptor
Fascinator, VINSON module for Motorola Saber two-way radio
SINCGARS ICOM compatible radios
Related equipment
KY-99 (MINTERM) Narrow-band Voice and Data Terminal
AN/KOI-18 Key Tape Reader
AN/KYK-13 Key Transfer Device
AN/CYZ-10 Data Transfer Device
Wireline adapter HYX-57
RT-1439 non-ICOM radio set
Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal
Embeddable COMSEC module
Advanced INFOSEC Machine II
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