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One-time tape cipher machine - this page is a stub

SIGTOT was an American One-Time Tape (OTT) cipher machine (mixer) that was developed in the US during WWII. In the years following WWII, it was used by NATO for traffic of all classifications, alongside the British 5-UCO. As both machines were always in short supply, they were eventually succeeded by the Norwegian ETCRRM and the Dutch Ecolex I and subsequently the Ecolex II.

SIGTOT was a big setup, consisting of several desks. The image on the right shows part of the OTT tape reader as it is on public display at the NCM in Fort Meade (US).

At present, no further information about the SIGTOT is available. You can help expanding this page by providing additional information and, if possible, one or more images of this machine. If you think you can help, pleae contact us.
Image supplied by Daderot, via Wikipedia [2]

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