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COMSEC module - this page is a stub

INDICTOR is an embedded COMSEC module, developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA), that povides encryption of voice and low speed data signals. It supports a range of existing voice coding schemes and uses the highly secret GCHQ/NSA-developed SAVILLE encryption algorithm.

The unit operates from a single 5V DC power supply with low power requirements and can be keyed remotely by existing re-keying techniques. It supports many voice coding schemes, such as CVSD, LPC, RELP and PCM. It is compatible with KY-57 and KY-58, Vinson AN/CSZ-1 and KYV-2 at 12 an 16 kbit/s. A half-duplex module operates with ANDVT and STU-III/MPT at 2400 baud. According to public sources, INDICTOR supports SAVILLE I, PADSTONE and CORDOBA (Type 2).

The authorised vendor is Motorola Inc. [2].

  • Device
    Embeddable COMSEC module
  • Vendor
  • CVSD
    Continuous Variable Slope Delta modulation
  • LPC-10
    Linear Predictive Coding
  • RELP
    Residual Enhanced Linear Predictive coding
  • PCM
    Pulse Code Modulation
  1. Jane's Military Communications, INDICTOR Miniature Voice/Data Security Device
    Fifteenth Edition 1994-1995. p. 560.

  2. Cryptome, DOE Crypto Equipment Guide
    28 October 1997. KG-84A General Purpose Encryption Equipment. 1
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