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Slidex cards used in the Netherlands

Below is an overview of the Slidex cards that were used in the Netherlands from 1952 onwards. Click any of the images below to view the card in full resolution. Note that some cards are printed to the rear side of another card. Card 5 is printed with the same grid at both sides. It is the only B-series card. Card 3 is the only one with a blank rear side. The cards are paired as follows:

3/...  4/10  5/5  6/7  8/9

Card 3 - Luchtdoel artillerie   air arillery

Card 4 - MGD   Medics

Card 5 - Blank

Card 6 - Veld artillerie   field artillery

Card 7 - Cavalerie   cavalry

Card 8 - GS Personeelskaart   General Staff personnel file

Card 9 - Logistiek   logistics

Card 10 - Koninklijke Mareschaussee   military police

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