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TCE-621/B   Cryptel-IP
IP Encryption Device

The TCE-621/B is a link encryption device for IP-based computer networks, developed by Thales in Oslo (Norway) around 2010 for use by NATO. The TCE-621/B is suitable for 10/100 Mbps IP networks and provides end-to-end data protection. Is is the current NATO IP Crypto Equipment (NICE) and is interoperable with all members of the Cryptel-IP family including the TCE-621/M.

The TCE-621/B is intended for base stations and can be used on a desktop as well as in a 19" rack. The image on the right shows a typical TCE-621/B as it was used by NATO for training. It provides full RED/BLACK separation and has separate connections for each type at the rear.

All controls are at the front. At the far right is the power switch with a blue 24-button keypad to its left. At the center is a 2-line LCD screen that is used for interaction with the user. At the far left is a slot for a smart card, which is used here as Crypto Ignition Key (CIK).
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Immediately to the right of the CIK is the FILL socket. With an appropriate adapter cable, the FILL socket can be connected to a standard DS-101 (DTD) or DS-102 (KOI-18) key transfer device. The TCE-621 is available in two versions: TCE-621/B and TCE-621/C:

  1. 10 and 100 Mbps data rates
  2. 10, 100 and 1000 MHbps (Gigabit)
Furthermore, each model is available in three variants:

  1. With NATO NICE algorithm (EINRIDE)
  2. With (public) AES algorithm (optional with customer-specific vector)
  3. Dual (both NICE and AES algorithms)
CIK slot Close-up of the keypad FILL socket and indicators Compartment for the backup battery Front view Rear view Network cables
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1 / 8
2 / 8
CIK slot
3 / 8
Close-up of the keypad
4 / 8
FILL socket and indicators
5 / 8
Compartment for the backup battery
6 / 8
Front view
7 / 8
Rear view
8 / 8
Network cables


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