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Swiss cipher machines

This page provides an overview of cipher machines that were used and/or developed in Switzerland in the period before, during and after WWII. Note that Switzerland was (and is) a neutral country, in which selling to alien countries is less bound by legal restrictions, than in countries with a NATO background, such as Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. Some manufacturers, such as Hagelin, deliberately moved to Switzerland to avoid such limitations.   
Swiss coat of Arms. Image via Wikipedia [1].

Swiss cipher systems on this website
German Enigma K machine, made especially for the Swiss Swiss NEMA (replacement for Enigma K) Front-Chiffriergerät (front dipher device)
Reverse Caesar slide rule (Cäsar Chiffrierschieber) Hagelin cipher machines Ascom / Autophon / Zellweger Brown, Boveri and Company
Gretacoder cipher machines by Gretag
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    Retrieved October 2017.
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