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Standard Telefon og Kabelfabrik

STK, or Standard Telefon og Kabelfabrik, was a telephone, electronics and cable company in Oslo (Norway). They are commonly referred to as Standard. STK was establised in 1915 and was later owned by ITT, then Alcatel and finally Thales.

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STK cipher machines on this website
ATCRRM mixer machine used on the Washing-Moscow hotline
Key-tape puncher for creating random tapes
SELMA OKA-150, telegraphy cipher machine
TCE-160 mixer machine. Transistorized version of the ETCRRM.
Cryptel 240, telegraphy cipher machine
Cryptel 245, telegraphy cipher machine
TCE-300, bulk encryption system
TCE-500, secrure crypto telephone
RACE (KL-51)
Known STK cipher machines
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