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Elcrobit 96
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Elcrobit-96 is a device for the encryption and decryption of data, developed around 1984 by Siemens in München (Germany). The device was part of the ELCO family of encryption devices and was intended for use by the German Army (Bundeswehr). Is is capable of sending serial data at speeds beteen 1200 and 9600 baud over public telephone and data networks.

Punched paper tapes for testing Test Device No. 2
Test tapes
Siemens test tapes

Test device   PGEb-96-2

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Elcrobit test device PGEb 96-2

Test tapes in original packaging Test tapes for Elcrobit 96 Siemens test tapes
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Test tapes in original packaging
2 / 3
Test tapes for Elcrobit 96
3 / 3
Siemens test tapes

  1. Datenschlüsselgerät Elcrobit 96, Beschreibung und Bedienungsanleitung
    Description and Operating Instructions. Preliminary (German).
    CM 302878. Bundeswehr ZfCh 3146, February 1984.

  2. Siemens AG, Encryption Equipments from Siemens
    Company brochure, 6 pages. 1991.
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