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IP Encryptor

SINA is an encryptor for Internet Protocol (IP) networks, developed in the early 2000s by Secunet Security Networks AG in Essen (Germany), on behalf of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It is used by many public authorities, homeland security and defence organisations in over 30 countries worldwide. SINA is an acronym for Secure Inter-Network Architecture 1 [2].

SINA is a single box solution, housed in a strong metal 19" 1U rackmount enclosure. All controls are at the front, whilst all connections reside the rear side. The unit is suitable for installation in a regular 19" rack and provides a highly secure IP-link between two or more physical networks.

The model shown here has been discontinued and has meanwhile been succeeded by other variants. We are currently looking for additional information about this device, If you know more, or if you can provide the operating instructions, please contact us and help us expand this page.
SINA IP encryptor

SINA is the only IP-based product that is approved by the BSI for information security up to the levels of SECRET, NATO SECRET and SECRET UE. According to the company brochure, nearly 100,000 SINA-based solutions had been installed in over 30 countries by Janury 2017 [2]. In The Netherlands, SINA products are supplied by security company Fox-IT in Delft, who have added their proprietary RedFox encryption module to some of the SINA products. RedFox was developed especially for the Dutch Government and makes the SINA products suitable for all security levels.

  1. German: Sichere Inter-Netzwerk Architektur.

SINA - closed front lid SINA logo at the front SINA IP encryptor Front view SINA front panel SINA - rear panel
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SINA - closed front lid
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SINA logo at the front
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SINA IP encryptor
4 / 6
Front view
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SINA front panel
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SINA - rear panel

The diagram below shows the front panel of the device. At the far left is the user interface, which consists of a small LCD screen and 16 push-buttons. Furthermore, there are two LEDs (a green one and a yellow one) at the far left. Power and network sockets are located at the rear side.

The right 2/3rd of the front panel holds the media interfaces. At the far right are two recessed USB ports that accept a Mass Storage Device (memory stick), a keyboard or a mouse. To their left is a CD-ROM drive and a PCMCIA card slot. Left of the CD-ROM drive is an SD card slot and a smart card reader. Although the device can boot from all available media, it was generally booted from CD-ROM drive, as this is a read-only device of which the data can not be tampered with.

SINA is completely built from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) parts. The interior can be accessed by removing all recessed screws from the top and the sides, after which the upper case shell can be removed. This reveals the interior as shown in the diagram above. The actual processor is a standard ATX motherboard with a fast graphics accellerator. It is located in the rear right corner.

SINA interior Power Supply Unit (PSU) Processor board Network card with 4 ethernet sockets Smart card reader, SD card reader and front panel controls PCMCIA interface mounted on top of the CD-ROM drive Intel processor Rear panel
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SINA interior
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Power Supply Unit (PSU)
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Processor board
4 / 8
Network card with 4 ethernet sockets
5 / 8
Smart card reader, SD card reader and front panel controls
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PCMCIA interface mounted on top of the CD-ROM drive
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Intel processor
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Rear panel

  1. Anonymous, SINA model xc-010m2 - THANKS !
    Kindly donated to Crypto Museum. February 2018.

  2. Secunet, Corporate Brochure
    January 2017. 24 pages.
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