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Elcrodat 4/1
CROSS FOX secure voice equipment - this page is a stub

CROSS FOX was a communications system developed by Siemens (ICM) and Bosch Telecom (ANT), and from 2001 onwards by Rohde & Schwarz SIT, in München (Germany). The system was used by the German armed forces as well as by the armed forces of several other NATO countries, including The Netherlands.

  1. Cross Fox Secure Voice Elcrodat 4-1 Cryptographic Equipment
    NATO, February 1994. NATO RESTRICTED. CM302962.

  2. Elcrodat 4/1 Technical Manual
    Cross Fox Signal Conversion Unit (SCU).
    NATO, August 1995. NATO RESTRICTED. CM303969.
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    Visited 8 January 2023.
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