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Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) is an international group of electronics companies with its headquarters in Munich (Germany). R&S is best known as one of the leading manufacturers of professional electronic test equipment, but they also manufacture a range of equipment for broadcasting, intercept (direction finding), radio communication and secure communications.

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R&S encryption devices on this website
Random number generator for the creation of key tapes
Elcrovox 1/4D narrow band voice and data terminal (STU-II compatible)
ANT/Siemens/R&S DS-102 key tape reader
ANT/Siemens/R&S DS-102 key transfer device
Elcrodat 6/2 ISDN voice and data encryptor
Elcrodat 4/1 CROSS FOX communication system, Signal Conversion Unit (SCU)
Elcrobit 96 data encryption device
TCU-7000 controller and message encryptor for HRM-7000 (HF-7000)
Other known security products
  • TopSec GSM
    Encrypted GSM telephone
  • TopSec 701
    PCMCIA card for Windows PC and Notebook 1
  • TopSec 702
    ISDN encryptor
  • TopSec 703
    ISDN telehone and data encryptor 1
  • TopSec 703+
    Same as 702 but also compatible with 701 (GSM)
  • TopSec 730
    ISDN primary rate encryptor for up to 30 calls
  • TopSec Mobile
    Mobile phone encryptor
  • TopSec Office Gateway
    ISDN PABX gateway

  • R&S ® VoIP-SERVER S100
    Secure VoIP server
  • R&S ® SITLine ETH
    Family of ethernet encryptors
  • R&S ® CryptoServer
    Secure server for electronic transactions and data storage
  • R&S ® SITGate
    Secure firewall
  1. Former Siemens product.

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