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Cougar was a trademark of Racal in the UK, used for a series of high-end portable, stationary and mobile radio sets, that were used by law enforcement services, security and intelligence agencies and the military. Many of the radios were equipped with strong voice encryption. The radios were used for covert operations, surveillance, observations, Special Forces Operations (SF), etc.

Cougar logo. Copyright Thales Defence Ltd. (formerly: Racal Ltd, UK).

Cougar equipment on this website
Racal PRM-4515 Cougar handheld radio with voice encryption Racal Cougar PRM-4735 body-wearable covert radio with voice encryption Digital voice encryptor Racal MA-4073 programmer and key filler Racal MA-4083C fill gun Racal MA-4778 Cougar DS-102 key fill interface
In 2000, Racal was taken over by Thales, a French multi-national company with a strong presence in many countries. Thales has continued parts of the Cougar range (e.g. the PRM-5120 covert radio), under the name Cougar 2000, using the above logo as part of the new trademark:

Cougar logo. Copyright Thales Defence Ltd.

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