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Key variable loader for DVP

T-3010 is a key distribution device, also known as a key loader or a fill device, manufuctured by Motorola (USA) around 1989. The device is intended for loading cryptographic keys for Motorola's proprietary Digital Voice Protection (DVP) encryption algorithm, into portable and mobile radios.

The device is housed in the plastic enclosure, similar to that of an old model Motorola MX handheld radio. The standard batteries of that radio can be used. An optional cable is used to connect the T-3010 to the desired radio. It is shown here with a cable that fits the SABER.

The image on the right shows a typical T-3010/AX with a coiled cable for connection to the Motorola Saber radio. Other cables were available for connection to other radios. The device is powered by a standard MX battery that should be installed at the bottom of the case.
T-3010AX DVP key loader

Note that this key loader is suitable only for transferring keys for Motorola's proprietary Digital Voice Protection scheme (DVP) and not for the later – improved – DVP-XL. For the latter, the T-3014 or the KVL-3000 should be used instead. In some respects, DVP and DVP-XL are considered to provide stronger encryption than DES and DES-XL, mainly because of the longer keys.

T-3010AX DVP key loader Body Model plate Operating
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T-3010AX DVP key loader
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Model plate
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  • T-3010/AX
  • T-3010/BX
  • T-3010/CX
  • T-3010/DX
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