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SABER Modifications
Motorola SABER, MX1000, Stornophone 7000, etc. - under construction

SABER hand-held radios can be improved and enhanced in a number of ways. Some of these modifications are described on this page.

Out of band programming
Most Motorola SABER radios can be programmed for frequencies that are not within their normal range, as long as these frequencies are not too far off. This can be useful for making the radios suitable for HAM radio use. The problem however, is that the outer limits of a frequency section (split) are hard-coded in the RSS. A description on how to modify the RSS for out-of-band programming can be found here.

 See the description of the RSS

Better speech quality
Submersible versions of the SABER, and possibly other versions as well, have their built-in microphones covered with a piece of tape, in order to protect it against water. Such a piece of tape often degrades the speech quality. As amateur radios generally do not have to be submersible, it might help to remove the tape.

In some cases it may be necessary to adjust the VCO modulation of the radio using the RSS. If this doesn't help, the microphone might be bad or the COPE board (i.e. the display and the controler of a SABER II or III) might be faulty. Try whether an external microphone produces a clear sound first.

If the external microphone is clear and the internal one stays mum, try swapping the display board. This board carries the DTMF generator that sits on the microphone line.

More channels
The channel selector of the international versions of the SABER, such as the MX1000, has just 10 positions, rather than 12. Furthermore, the range of the channel selector might have been limited by means of a (mechanical) locking ring. The number of channels can be increased by moving this ring to a different position, or by removing it altogether.

If the locking ring is removed completely, the number of positions of the channel selector of any SABER type is increased to 15. With a bit of tweaking it is possible to use the extra positions, but not for every zone. A good description of how to tweak the radio's DCT file can be found here [1].

 15 Channel modification

  1. Expanding a Saber from 12 Channels to 15 Channels
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