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Lorenz Mi544
One-time tape cipher machine - Lorenz Mixer (LoMi) - this page is a stub

The Lorenz Mischer 544, or Mi544, or LoMi, was a one-time tape (OTT) cipher machine, also known as a mixer, developed by Lorenz in Germany in the 1960s. It was used by the German Army (the Bundeswehr), and within NATO. The machine was compatible with other one-time tape machines, such as the Philips Ecolex IV and the ETCRRM, but only if key tape was shifted by one position [1]. During the 1970s, most Mi544 machines were replaced by the Siemens M-190.

At present, this page only acts as a placeholder for (future) information about the Mi544 (LoMi).

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