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Bulk encryption devices
In the 1980s, when computers were beginning to emerge in civil companies as well as in military environments, it became increasingly necessary for wireless and wired links, to carry not only the data of a single computer, but complete data bundles, from multiple device simultaneously, often including speech and facsimile (fax) data. Such devices are commonly known as bulk encryptors.

Bulk encryption devices on this website
Gretacoder 603 bulk encryption device
Mucolex (UA-8451) Trunk Encryption Device
BID/980 Bulk Encryptor with HAIRPIN logic
Crypto AG (Hagelin) bulk encryption device
KG-81 digital high-speed trunk encryption device
KG-84 digital line encryptor for telex signals
KIV-7, embeddable KG-84 COMSEC module
IP Encryptors
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, IP-based 1 computer networks started taking over the role of proprietary data networks and digital telegraphy (Telex), in civil corporations as well as in the military domain. Although it has taken a long time for the Defence Organisations to phase out existing data networks, most of them are now fully relying on encrypted IP-based networks.

  1. IP = Internet Protocol.

IP Encryptors on this website
KIV-7M, embeddable KG-84 COMSEC module
LAN Guard IP-based network encryption system
Thales TCE-621/B link encryptor
Thales TCE-621/M Mobile IP encryptor
SINA bulk encryptor for IP-based networks
CryptoGuard VPN 4000
Embeddable cryptographic module
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