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Hagelin Varia
This page holds a collection of Hagelin-related subjects, trivia, items, gadgets, toys and other paraphernalia, that do not fit into any other Hagelin category on this website.

Swiss Army knife with Hagelin logo 100 Years Boris Hagelin Coin with headpiece of Boris Hagelin Hagelin cipher disc
Swiss Army Knife
This original Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with the Hagelin logo printed on the side, was issued by Crypto AG as a promotional gift.

Date currently unknown.
Hagelin Cryptos - the Swiss army knife of cryptography

100 years Boris Hagelin
This was published by Crypto AG in 1992, to commemorate the 40th birthday of the company and the 100th birthday of the late Boris Hagelin. Written in German, it contains unique pictures and personal accounts from Hagelin himself.

100 Jahre Boris Hagelin 1892 - 1992
Crypto Hauszeitung Nr. 11
Jubileumausgabe 1992.

 Download scanned copy

100 Jahre Boris Hagelin 1892-1992 (German)

This black coin was issued to commemorate Boris Hagelin, the founder of AB Cryptoteknik in Sweden and Crypto AG in Switzerland.

Date and origin currently unknown.
Coin with the silhouette of Boris Hagelin's head

Cipher disc
This cipher disc, made of paper and plastic, was issued by Crypto AG as a promotional gift during the introduction of the CRYPTOMATIC cipher machines. The disc represents a simple Caesar Cipher that can be used for mono- and poly-alphabetical substitutions.

It features the orange H-logo (Hagelin) and has printed instructions at the back.

Date currently unknown.
Hagelin cipher disc (promotional gift)

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