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Secure two-way mobile radio - wanted item

SE-580, was a semi-portable two-way radio for voice communication with high-end encryption, made in the early 1990s by Crypto AG (Hagelin) in Zug (Switzerland) as part of the Cryptocom® family. It is based on the Nokia Mobira 1 RD-58 radio set, and features the HC-3400 encryption engine. It was also available as the CSE-580, which is the same radio, with a different handset.

The Nokia Mobira RD-58 was a versatile radio with a high output power (30W) that was used for mobile and semi-portable communication in the UHF band (around 440 MHz), especially in situations were the distance to another mobile station or to a base station was relatively large.

For this reason, the RD-58 was a popular device for the analogue mobile telephone networks of the 1980s, such as the NMT-450 2 network. It was also used as a two-way FM radio in many trunking radio networks, and was converted for secure voice communications by Crypto AG.
Nokia Mobira RD-58 with handset off-hook

This was done by integrating Crypto AG's highly acclaimed HC-3400 crypto engine into the radio, just like this was done with Ascom's SE-160 handheld radio (also available from Crypto AG) and the SE-660 mobile radio. The HC-3400 was implemented as a single-chip solution and required the KED-3400 key entry device for loading the cryptographic KEYs into the crypto engine.

  1. The Nokia Mobira was made for a wide variety of applications and was available in many different versions and variants. It was sold as a mobile telehone, as a two-way radio, and as a trunking radio.
  2. NMT-450 was known in the Netherlands as ATF-2.

Nokia Mobira RD-58 Nokia Mobira RD-58 with handset off-hook Display and keypad Left angle view Handset off-hook Operating the keypad Switches at the right side Controls at the left side
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Nokia Mobira RD-58
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Nokia Mobira RD-58 with handset off-hook
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Display and keypad
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Left angle view
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Handset off-hook
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Operating the keypad
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Switches at the right side
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Controls at the left side

Compatible devices
Ascom SE-160 handheld VHF/UHF radio with Cryptovox voice encryption Ascom SE-660 mobile radio with Cryptovox voice encryption Semi-portable CSE-580 radio with Cryptovox voice encryption
Key loading
For loading cryptographic KEYs into the HC-3400 crypto engine of the SE-580, the Hagelin KED-3400 key entry device was used.

The KEYs are 128 bits long and can be generated manually (entered via the keyboard) or generated automatically using the internal random number generator (RNG). The device supports the so-called 3-KEY strategy.

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KED 3400 key entry device

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