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Secure two-way mobile radio · CRYPTOVOX - this page is a stub

CSE-580 was a semi-portable two-way radio for voice communication with high-end encryption, made in the mid-1990s by Crypto AG (Hagelin) in Zug (Switzerland), as the successor to the SE-580. The device is part of the Cryptovox family and features Crypto AG's HC-3400 highly secure encryption engine. It is compatible with the SE-160 and the SE-660 radios, both made by ASCOM.

For further information about the CSE-580, please refer to our page about the SE-580, which is nearly identical.

At present, this page acts only as a placeholder for current and future information about the CSE-580. If you have any further information about this radio, please contact us.


Compatible devices
Ascom SE-160 handheld VHF/UHF radio with Cryptovox voice encryption
Ascom SE-660 mobile radio with Cryptovox voice encryption
Semi-portable SE-580 radio with Cryptovox voice encryption
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  3. Base/Repeater 580, Shortform Operating Instructions
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  1. Crypto AG, Company brochure, Crypto Products
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