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Pin-wheel cipher machine - this page is a stub

The C-443 is a mechanical pin-wheel cipher machine, developed in 1943 by Boris Hagelin (later: Crypto AG) in Sweden. Apart from a few manufacturing differences, the machine is identical to the Hagelin C-48A that was released a year earlier (1942) and which is similar to the M-209 [1].

A complete description of the C-48A is given in the original 12-page manual of March 1942 [2]. In a separate document, that was released one year later, it is explained that the C-443A is only marginally different from the C-48A and that the two machines are fully crypto-compatible [1].

The image on the right shows an original C-443A machine in extremely good condition, that was used in Uruguay. It was rediscovered in 2013, complete with all four keys, and barely shows signs of usuage. It is assumed that this machine was purchased for evaluation purposes.
C-443A as used in Uruguay

The C-443A was succeeded by the C-446A, which was nearly identical and featured only minor manufacturing improvements. For further information about the operations of the C-443, please refer to our page about the C-446.

Closed C-443 with keys With carrying strap With open cover Close-up Showing the interior C-443A as used in Uruguay Close-up of the printer Rear view
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Closed C-443 with keys
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With carrying strap
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With open cover
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5 / 8
Showing the interior
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C-443A as used in Uruguay
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Close-up of the printer
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Rear view

Identical machines
Apart from a few minor manufacturing improvements, the following machines are identical [A]:

  1. The Hagelin Cryptographer C-443A
    Introduction. Hagelin. March 1943. 1 page.

  2. The Hagelin Cryptographer C-48A
    Operating instructions. Hagelin. March 1942. 12 pages.

  3. Service Instruction for cryptographer, type (C-443A) C-446A
    Hagelin. Date unknown. 43 pages.

  4. C-446A en M-209 Beschrijving en Analyse
    Description and analysis of the Hagelin C-446A and M-209 (Dutch). 1
    Dutch MoD, Military Intelligence School (SMID, DIVI). Date unknown.
  1. Reproduced here by kind permission of DIVI, May 2010.

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