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Enigma Simulator for RISC OS
Version 1.70 - 3 November 2016

This is the home page of the Enigma Simulator for RISC OS. Although RISC OS is not a widely spread Operating System, it was very popular in British schools in the 1980s and 1990s. RISC OS is now an open-source operating system aimed to run on ARM-based platforms. The Enigma Simulator for RISC OS was created for this platform. For support on other platforms look here.


Enigma is the name of an encryption device that became well-known for the important role it played during WWII, when it was used by the German Army. It is a misconception to believe that there is only one Enigma. In fact, Enigma is the name of an entire family of machines. Messages encrypted on one machine may not decode on another. The images below giv an impression of the software's cosmetics. The Enigma Simulator for RISC OS supports all currently known models.

Naval Enigma M3
Naval Enigma M4
G-312 Abwehr

Simulated machines
  • Fully functional Enigma simulation
  • Selectable Enigma model (each having a completely different behaviour)
  • Support for virtual Enigma machines
  • Multiple variants (skins) per model
  • Realistic keyboard and lamp panel
  • Graphical Steckerbrett
  • Mouse and keyboard operation
  • Realistic sound samples
  • Direct message windows
  • Full control over wheel order etc.
  • Configurable stecker board
  • Scrambler viewer
  • Wheel viewer
  • Support for foreign languages
  • HTML User Manual
  • Interactive help
  • User choices
  • Configurable text buffer
  • Serial port support
  • ARMv7 hardware and RISC OS 5.20
    Version 1.70 runs perfectly on ARMv7 hardware and on RISC OS 5.20 or later. This includes iMX6 and ARM Cortex-A8 based hardware.

  • Raspberry Pi
    Users have reported that the Enigma Simulator runs happily on a Raspberry Pi or RPi Zero, with RISC OS Pi RC16. Users of a RPi Zero should note that the middle mouse button is not available on the keyboard, so it is best to connect a wired mouse to the USB subsystem.

  • BeagleBoard (BB)
    On 17 July 2011, Thomas Milius has reported that !Enigma also runs fine on the so-called BeagleBoard. BB is a small ARM-based development board that was chosen for a recent port of open-source RISC OS.

  • A9home
    On 17 July 2011, Kevin Wells has reported that !Enigma runs fine on the A9home, an ARM-9 based desktop computer in a small blue box, that was released in 2005.

  • IYONIX pc and RISC OS 5
    Version 1.20 onwards is 32-bit compatible and can be used on the IYONIX pc. Sound is supported by using DataPlayer. Since the IYONIX can drive large (LCD) screens, it is perfect for running muliple copies of !Enigma side by side.

  • Risc PC and RISC OS 3
    The software has been written and tested on a SA Risc PC with RISC OS 3.71. All animations and sound samples are running in the way they were intended. Especially the smooth scrolling wheels/windows on the Enigma surface show off quite nicely on this machine.

  • Risc PC and RISC OS 4
    !Enigma version 0.30 and later have all been tested on a Risc PC running RISC OS 4.02, just to see how the graphics behave. Some minor modifications have been made to the software (version 0.40 onwards) to cope with the changes in Wimp behaviour in RISC OS 4. Overall speed of the program is slighly better than under RISC OS 3.

  • Kinetic Risc PC and RISC OS 4.03
    !Enigma version 0.40 or later works perfectly well with a Kinetic Risc PC. Overall speed is better than on a standard Risc PC.

  • A7000 and RISC OS 3.71
    Version 0.40 of !Enigma was the first one to be tested on a brand new A7000 and the results are remarkably good! Running in a screen mode with 1024 x 768 pixels and 256 colours, the animations are almost as good as on a Risc PC. This makes !Enigma perfectly suitable for use in schools.

  • R7500 RiscStation and RISC OS 4.03
    !Enigma is now running very well on an R7500 although I had to tweak the software a little bit to work around a RISC OS 4 anomaly. Please note that on this machine the sound plays at about 80% of its normal speed.

  • A4 and RISC OS 3.11
    The last time I checked the software on this machine (no longer available to me) it worked fine, but required the main screen to be scrolled down to see all of the Enigma. The Steckerbrett may appear to be a bit flaky.

  • A5000 and RISC OS 3.11
    !Enigma is reported to work correctly on an A5000. Please note that a minimum of 2Mb is needed for the software, so you would probably need a 4Mb machine.

  • A3000 and RISC OS 3.10
    I got a report from a user in Ghana (!) that it runs perfectly on this combination as well. Doesn't this show the rather long life cycle of Acorn machines? It also shows how well older Acorn machines can be used for educational purposes.

  • Virtual Acorn
    Users of Windows® and Mac, please read this: A fully featured software emulation for RISC OS is now available from UK based company VirtualAcorn. The software is supplied on a CD that includes the Enigma Simulator for RISC OS.
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