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BBC Vericrypt 1102
Vericrypt 1100 key loader

The SV12-1102 was a keyer loader, or key transfer device, commonly referred to as a FILL unit, developed around 1980 by Brown Boveri and Company (BBC) in Switzerland. It was used for entering 6-digit cryptographic keys into the Vericrypt 1100 series voice encryptors (scramblers).

The image on the right shows a typical SV12-1102 fill unit, which has roughly the same size as a handheld radio of the era. It consists of two parts: the actual key loader, with a 12-button keypad and a red numeric LED display, and a cable adapter that was attached at the bottom.

The cable adapter has a coiled cable with a 5-pin LEMO connector at the end, that mates with the KEY FILL socket at the front panel of the Vericrypt 1100. The operation of the key loader is currently unknown. If you known more, please contact us.
Vericrypt 1100 key loader

Vericrypt 1100 key loader Key filler and cable adapter Cable adapter separated from the key loader LEMO connector
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Vericrypt 1100 key loader
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Key filler and cable adapter
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Cable adapter separated from the key loader
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LEMO connector

  1. Anonymous, Vericrypt 1102 key loader - THANKS !
    Device kindly donated, June 2015.
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