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ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

ANT, or ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, was a German electronics company, that specialized in the development, marketing and sales of information and intelligence gathering equipment. The company started life as Allgemeine Elektricitätsgesellschaft (AEG), later AEG Telefunken, and was renamed several times until in 1983, the name ANT was adopted. In 1995, ANT became a 100% daughter of the Robert Bosch Group, after which the name ANT gradually disappeared.

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ANT-related crypto systems
A joint development of Philips and Telefunken, later marketed by ANT.
Elcrovox 1-4D narrow band voice and data terminal (STU-II compatible)
ELCROTEL 5 telegraphy encryptor
Developed by Telefunken, ANT later developed newer firmware versions.
TCU-7000 controller and message encryptor for HRM-7000 (HF-7000)
Army field phone with facilities for use with crypto-protected exchange
Elcrodat 6-2 ISDN voice and data encryptor further developed by R&S
ANTSEC 1005 Voice Protection System (PSTN)
AS 1005
ANTSEC 2001 Voice Protection System (die-cast case)
AS 2001
ANTSEC 2004 Voice Protection System (Briefcase)
AS 2004
ANTSEC 2003 Voice Protection System (PSTN)
AS 2003
ANT/Siemens/R&S DS-102 key tape reader
ANT/Siemens/R&S DS-102 key transfer device
Elcrodat 4/1 CROSS FOX communication system, Signal Conversion Unit (SCU)
Elcrobit 96 data encryption device
Known ANT equipment
  • ANTSEC 1001 and 1002 Voice Pricacy Systems (similar to Teltron SP-612)
  • ANTSEC 1003 Voice Privacy System
  • ANTSEC 1004 Voice Privacy System (Teltron SP-850)
  • ANTSEC 1005 Voice Privacy System (PSTN telephone unit)
  • ANTSEC 2001 and 2002 Voice Privacy Systems (Teltron TVC-9000)
  • ANTSEC 2003 Voice Protection System (Telsy TDS-2004, Teltron TVC-9004)
  • ANTSEC 2004 Voice Protection System (portable version)
  • ANTSEC 2005 Voice Protection System (like 2001, with VOX)
  • ANTSEC 2006 and 2007
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