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NSA Type 1 block cipher algorithm - this page is a stub

BATON is a secret Type 1 block cipher algorithm, developed around 1995 by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). Although it is secret, some general information about its use can be found in the public PKCS#11 standard [2]. It is known that is has a 320-bit key and uses a block size of 128-bit in most modes. It also supports a 96-bit electronic codebook mode (ECB).

Furthermore, 160 bits of the key are checksum material, whilst up to 192 bits may be used as an initialization vector (IV), regardless the block size [1]. It is suitable for classified information.

BTON-based equipment on this website
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Advanced INFOSEC machine II
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Philips GCD-PHI crypto chip
Harris SIERRA cryptographic engine
Harris SIERRA II cryptographic engine
Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol
vIPer Universal Secure Phone
Examples of equipment that uses the BATON algorithm:

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