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Fi-Cord 101
Mini audio tape recorder - this page is a stub

Fi-Cord 101 was a miniature body-wearable audio tape recorder, developed in the early 1960s by Stellavox in Switzerland. It was used by intelligence agencies, and was ideally suited for concealed operation and covert activities. In 1962 it belonged to the standard equipment of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) [1]. Fi-Cord 101 is also known by its CIA designator 5835-H00-5787.

Contrary to contemporary miniature audio tape recorders such as the Nagra SN, which used a proprietary tape format, the Fi-Cord 101 uses standard ¼" magnetic tape on two small spools, enough for 30 minutes of recording time.   
Stellavox Fi-Cord 101S

Stellavox Fi-Cord 101S
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Stellavox Fi-Cord 101S

  • Tape
    Magnetic 1/4"
  • Channels
    1, 2 tracks
  • Speed
    4.75 IPS
  • Response
    50-5000 Hz
  • Time
    30 minutes
  • CIA #
  1. CIA, Standard Communications Equipment List
    CIA, Revised April 1962. Page 7. Declassified 29 April 2003.

  2. Vintage Technics, Fi-Cord 101S
    Retrieved September 2020.
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