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Acacia   S-9
Body wearable covert radio - wanted item

The S-9, codenamed AKATSIYA-1 1 (С-9 АКАЦИЯ-1), was a small solid-state body-wearable self-contained covert transceiver, developed in the USSR around 1962 especially for use by USSR intelligence services, such as the KGB. The radio was used for covert operations, observations, surveillance and for VIP protection. The device is also known as AK PPR-1 (Russian: АК ППР-1).

The radio is extremely small for its age, approx. twice the size of a pack of cigarettes, and can easily be hidden under the operator's clothing.

At present, no further information about this radio is available.
Acacia cover radio. Photograph copyright EnigmaMuseum [3].

  1. АКАЦИЯ means ACACIA and is a plant. In Russian it is pronounced as Akatsiya.

  • S-9 transceiver (main unit)
  • Wire antenna (with sefety pins)
  • Manipulator (remote control)
  • Microphone (with safety pin)
  • Speaker (with safety pin)
  • Vibrator
  • Body harness (or carrying pocket)
Technical specifications
According to some websites, the specifications of this radio are still classified [2].

At present, no further information about this covert radio is available, as we do not have one in our collection yet. If you are able to offer one, or if you can provide additional information about this device, please contact us.

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