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Sennheiser MM-23
Buttonhole microphone

MM-23 is a miniature microphone, also known as buttonhole microphone or lapel micro­phone, developed and manufactured from the mid-1960s onwards by Sennheiser Electronic Laboratories in Wennebostel (Germany). During the Cold War it was one of the favorite microphones of both Western and Eastern intelligence and law enforcement agencies, because of its high audio quality.

The body of the microphone measures 19 x 12.6 x 6.7 mm. It has a coaxial socket for connection of the audio cable at the bottom, and a button-type sound port at the front, allowing it to be worn in clear view through the buttonhole of a jacket. The complete microphone weights just 4 grams and has an excellent frequency response, that covers the 400 - 4000 Hz voice spectrum.

Like the Sennsheiser MM-61 Concealed Fountain Pen microphone, the MM-23 was initially meant for use in combination with dictation machines and the first generations of (large) hearing aids.
Sennheiser MM-23 buttonhole microphone

However, it was soon adopted as a concealed microphone for covertly making recordings and transmissions. As it was worn overtly (i.e. not concealed) it delivers a far better audio quality than a concealed one, which is often hidden under the operative's clothing. The MM-23 was first sold in 1964, and was available for no more than DM 43 1 . It was in production until the mid-1970s.

  1. List price in 1964: DM 43 (approx. EUR 22).

Sennheiser MM-23 buttonhole microphone Cable socket Seen from the top Bottom view Side view MM-23 compared to the size of a hand
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Sennheiser MM-23 buttonhole microphone
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Cable socket
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Seen from the top
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Bottom view
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Side view
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MM-23 compared to the size of a hand

  • Frequency
    400 - 4000 Hz ±3dB
  • Impedance
  • Sensitivity
    0.12 mV/µbar @ 1000 Hz with 2kΩ load
  • Type
  • Connection
    Standard electronic flash light socket
  • Size
    18.9 x 15.5 x 12.6 mm
  • Weight
    4 grams
  • Material
  • Shape
    Rectangular with button-type sound port
  • First sold
  • Last sold
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