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Covert listening device with RP audio masking - under construction

SRT-56-F is a covert listening device (bug), developed in 1968 by the Dutch Radar laboratory (NRP) for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as part of a long-term research contract under the codename Easy Chair (EC). The device features the Rejected Pulse (RP) audio masking scheme.

The SRT-56-F is based on the design of the SRT-56 and is in fact the combination of the SWE-56 video encoder and the SRK-35 RF-unit, albeit in a single rectangular enclosure. The device operated in the 315 - 385 MHz band. It was powered by a DC source between +5 and +8V, and consumed 4.5mA, wilst delivering a peak-output-power of 75mW.

The device is compatible with, and can be decoded by, the SRR-52-M, SRR-56, SRR-90 and SRR-91 receivers. It was powered by the UWP-56 power module, or by a 4-cell mercury battery.
SRT-56-F (later version)

The device was commonly used in combination with a Sleevex Band 2 target antenna, whilst an SRN-9H or SRN-9 antenna was used at the listening post. The first prototypes of the SRT-56-F were ready for evaluation in April 1968. The device was first used in the field in February 1970 and was in production until at least 1973. The SRT-56-F is part of the CIA's SRS-56 surveillance system. For further information please refer to our page about the SRT-56.

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Two variants of the SRT-56-F SRT-56-F with Sleevex antenna SRT-56-F with Sleevex antenna SRT-56-F (later version) SRT-56-F SRT-56-F compared to the size of a hand Wiring of the later version Connector
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Two variants of the SRT-56-F
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SRT-56-F with Sleevex antenna
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SRT-56-F with Sleevex antenna
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SRT-56-F (later version)
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SRT-56-F compared to the size of a hand
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Wiring of the later version
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Technical specifications
  • Frequency
    315 - 385 MHz (pre-determined spot frequency)
  • Audio masking
    Rejected Pulse (RP), also known as Type 56 modulation
  • Power
    +45 to +8 V
  • Current
    4.5 mA
  • Output
    75 mW (peak output power)
  • Supply
    UWP-52, UWP-56 or 4-cell battery
  • Antenna
    Sleevex Band 2
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