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Surveillance radio system - this page is a stub

SRS-56 was a complete wireless covert listening system (bug), operating on 350 MHz, developed in the late 1960s by the Dutch Radar Laboratory (NRP), for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as part of a long-term development contract under the codename Easy Chair (EC). It uses the Rejected Pulse (RP) audio masking scheme that was developed exclusively for the CIA.

SRS-56 system components
350 MHz bug with RP audio masking
Rectangular version of SRT-56
SRR-56 listening post receiver
SRR-145 down-converter for the 1500 MHz band
High-performance covert antenna
Directive listening post antenna for 350 MHz
1500 MHz antenna for Listening Post (1500 MHz)
Fixed 1500 MHz antenna for target (bug)
Directional 1500 MHz antenna for target (bug)
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