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Contacting us
At the moment, Crypto Museum is just a virtual museum with limited visiting capabilities. This is why we do not have a visiting address. However, you can find us frequently at other museums, mini-ehibitions and public events (see below). Here is how you may contact us:

  • Contact Crypto Museum by e-mail via
  • Contact Crypto Museum by phone: +31 40 2486165
We are always interested in acquiring new equipment in order to extend the collection. If you have anything to offer, please do not hestitate to contact us.

In order to promote the history of Enigma and other historical cipher machines, we regularly give talks and presentations on cryptography and related subjects. If you are interested in one of our presentations, please check this page.

Crypto Museum is a non-subsidised privately-owned nonprofit organisation. The curators and volunteers work very hard to bring an interesting and diverse collection together, to describe the various items in great detail, and to share this information with the rest of the world. If you like the information presented here, why not make a donation?

Further information
Any links shown in red are currently unavailable. If you like the information on this website, why not make a donation?
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