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ICF-7600DS   ICF-7600D
Portable short-wave receiver - this page is a stub

ICF-7600D and ICF-7600DS were portable digital FM, AM and SSB general coverage short-wave receivers, also known as world receivers, introduced by Sony in Tokyo (Japan) in 1983 and 1986 respectively. Although intended for the consumer market, it was also popular in the international espionage tradecraft, just like its precessor, the ICF-2001D, had been a few years earlier.

Sony ICF-7600DS

Sony ICF-7600DS Sony ICF-7600DS Sony ICF-7600DS in front of its predecessor  ICF-2001D Front panel
  • LW
  • MW
  • SW
    153 - 29995 kHz
  • VHF-L
    76 - 108 MHz (FM wideband)
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