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This page contains the latest news regarding Crypto Museum. Whenever something important has happened, or when we've made significant changes to the website, we will issue a news bulletin. If you are on Twitter, you will receive a notification as and when new information becomes available. Click the Twitter-button at the top of this page to read the latest tweets.

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Snowden movie
16 September 2016

Good news for anyone interested in crypto, security, privacy, mass surveillance and movies. American film director Oliver Stone has just released his latest movie called 'Snowden'.

The film features NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) before, during and after leaking secrets about the NSA's mass surveillance program. Seen as a traitor by some and as a hero by others, Snowden began to question the legality of the mass surveillance program whilst working at the CIA office in Geneva (Switzerland).

Interestingly, Crypto Museum supplied the vast majority of cipher and spy gadgets that are visible in the movie. There is even a complete cipher museum headed by no one less than Nicolas Cage. This movie is arguably one of the best and most important movies made by Oliver Stone in years. It should not be missed.

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 About Edward Snowden

Together with the CIA
5 September 2016

It is little known that during the Cold War, the Dutch intelligence services carried out extremely secret clandestine operations behind the Iron Curtain, together with the American CIA.

In his latest book, historian Cees Wiebes gives a detailed account (in Dutch) of the operations, the people involved, and the many failures that cost the lives of numerious operatives.

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Virtual Colossus
3 September 2016

For anyone interested in the history of code­breaking, and Colossus in particular, there is good news. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Colossus, British programmer Martin Gillow has just released Virtual Colossus Mark II. A fully featured virtual copy of the real one that is on display at TNMOC. It runs in your browser in JavaScript and can be used to run real codebreaking programs.

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 About Colossus
Colossus seen from the right

Exhibition: Secret Communications 2
14 June 2015

Following the success of the exhibition Secret Communications, now three years ago, Crypto Museum has teamed up once again with the Foundation for German Communication, for the exhibition Secret Communications 2, in which we will be showing an exciting selection of cipher machines and spy radio sets, some of which have not been exhibited before.

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Typex Mark 23

Breaking news: Barbie's crypto typewriter
1 April 2016

After months of secret research and talking with sources from several US and UK agencies, Crypto Museum are now able to reveal the hidden and highly secret features of the Barbie Typewriter, as made by US toy manufacturer Mattel.

More importantly, the typewriter has been used as the backbone of a scret spy ring that involved young children as well as adult look-alikes.

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Barbie E-118 electronic typewriter

Deliberate weakening of a cipher algorithm by the NSA
14 January 2016

In 1980, Dutch company Text Lite introduced the PX-1000, a small pocket telex that featured high-end DES encryption. In 1983, when the device was actively marketed by Philips, the NSA intervened and persuaded Philips to replace DES by an NSA-weakened algorithm.

The Crypto Museum team has now isolated the NSA algorithm and is currently analysing it for backdoors and deliberate weakening.

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Original PX-1000 made in 1983

New information about The Thing
13 January 2016

In 1952, a new type of covert listening device (bug) was found in the office of the US Ambassador in Moscow. The device was nicknamed The Thing. It was not connected via wires and did not have its own power source.

Crypto Museum has now released some new facts about the device and also about the role of the FBI, the CIA and the Dutch NRP.

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OMI cipher machines
23 December 2015

Although we haven't got an OMI cipher machine in our collection yet, we have gathered enough information about them to present some technical details and backgrounds of these hardly known Italian cipher machines.

The first OMI cipher machine was built in 1939, just before the outbreak of WWII, and is very similar to the Zählwerk Enigma.

 OMI cipher machines
 History of OMI
OMI Cryptograph-CR Mark II

Enigma-E kits in stock again
12 December 2015

Here is just a quick message to let you all know that the Enigma-E self-build kits are back in stock again, both at the Bletchley Park Museum shop and at Museum Jan Corver.

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 Full description of the Enigma-E kit

Bugged typewriters
26 October 2015

During the 1970s and 80s, the IBM Selectric was a popular typewriter with a unique replaceable print ball that provided superiour quality. It was widely used at the US Embassies around the world for typing classified documents.

Unknown to the Americans however, the Soviets managed to plant bugs inside these typewriters, which remained undiscovered for eight years. Crypto Museum now explains how the bug worked and how they were eventually found.

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Ball-type print head

We need your help
28 September 2015

A few years ago, Crypto Museum aquired the spy radio set shown in the image on the right. It is listed in the Louis Meulstee's book Wireless for the Warrior, Volume 4, as the French 1950s Minature, but we now have reason to believe that it is not French but rather East-European. Please help us identifying this radio set.

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Czechoslovakian spy radios
20 August 2015
In June 2015, Crypto Museum received a large collection of Czechoslovakian spy radio sets and related equipment from a 'former user'.

As a result, we have been able to add an all new section to the spy radio chapter, showing some of the equipment that was used in this former federal communist state.

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300-A transmitter, 300-B PA and 300-C antenna tuner

Secret NSA/Hagelin Agreement
30 July 2015
It has long been rumoured that Crypto AG, a Swiss manufacturer of cryptographic equipment, has worked together with the American NSA on a number of occasions, but evidence for this was never found. Until today that is. In a 28 minute broadcast on BBC Radio 4, the programme Document reveals evidence found in the personal archive of NSA cryptographer William Friedman.

Having worked with the BBC on this, Crypto Museum gives a detailed account of the information found in Friedman's legacy.

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Noreen is alive
15 July 2015

We have recently acquired our very first historical British cipher machine, known as Noreen, or BID/590. After a lot of work and in-depth discussions on the newgroups, we have managed to reconstruct the original Noreen (and Rockex) key tape format and to decode our first real message on the restored machine.

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Noreen cipher machine. Click for further information.

HAM Radio 2015
5 July 2015

From 26 to 29 June 2015, the annual HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen was held. Although this is actually a typical Radio Amateur event, in recent years it has also become a crypto meeting place for collectors from all over the world.

We found a number of desirable collectables and on Friday Marc and Paul held a talk about the Enigma Family Tree at the 3rd Annual Crypto Conference. Read the full story.

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Enigma challenge
28 May 2015

Always wanted to be a codebreaker? Now is your chance. Following the success of the 2012 cryptology challenge on codebreakers.eu, the team has just launched a new and exiting match. Basic and Advanced level have already started and Enigma-level is about to commence.

So, hurry and follow the footsteps of the Enigma codebreakers.


Enigma M1 found in Denmark
12 May 2015

In 1992 a Danish fisherman found a mysterious machine in the waters of the Vemmingbund Fjord. The machine was given to the Danish Post and Tele Museum were it was kept in storage ever since. Until now that is...

Researchers have now started an investigation in the hope to determine the exact model and age of the machine and the first results have revealed that it is an extremely rare Enigma M1.

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Enigma Corrosion Alert
16 February 2015

Researchers at EnigmaMuseum.com in the US have discovered that some WWII-era Enigma machines can be seriously damaged by a certain type of light-green lamp filter.

As these filters decompose into acetic acid over time, they can cause corrosion of the key tops, the spare lamps bracket in the top lid of the wooden case and the filter retaining clips.

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